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We've rolled 60+ combined years of teaching into Chickadee books that beautifully meld the science and art of teaching kids to read.

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Illustrator Mark Beauchamp has drawn 321 gorgeous scenes with whimsical characters on fun adventures.

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Classic Illustrations

Remember when kids books were well-drawn? Our kids deserve better than throw-away, black and white stick figures and lazy artwork. Each reader is beautifully illustrated by Mark Beauchamp.

Story Grip

Just because a story is for kids doesn't mean they have to be dumb. Chickadee set out to engage young kids with real stories with beginnings, middles, and ends.

Stair-step phonics

Every story and every book builds on the last. With lessons carefully crafted by highly experienced teachers, Chickadee sets a manageable pace of learning.

Real learning. Real fun.

Chickadee Readers: My First Stories Bundle (Sets 1-4)

Chickadee Readers: My First Stories Bundle (Sets 1-4)

Chickadee Readers: My First Stories Bundle (Sets 1-4)

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Chickadee Readers teach your kids to love reading.

This bundle features all four of our My First Stories boxed sets. With colorful illustrations, rollicking stories, and whimsical characters, each set is designed to nurture a lifelong love for books.

The boxed sets are designed for rising Kindergarteners who are ready to learn to read or 1st graders who would like more reading practice.

Throughout the four sets, your kids will learn:

  • Short Vowels
  • Long Vowels
  • Consonant Blends
  • Long Stories

The stories slowly and steadily progress through through basic phonics, moving from short vowels to long vowels to consonant blends. The complexity progresses as well: from Sets 1-4, the stories move from Lexile Measure 80L to 560L across 40 books, with plenty of review and sight words to make sure learned concepts don't slip away.

Kids love Chickadee. So do parents!


"Chickadee Readers are effective at drawing kids into having fun while reading! Highly recommend for any young readers and parents looking to have light-hearted and enjoyable experiences as they learn to read."

Kandice H.
former Kindergarten teacher

" We want to teach kids a genuine love for reading but the truth is, the early stages are rarely enjoyable for kids or parents. Chickadee Readers offer a wonderful and much-needed tool to change this. The stories are captivating, funny, and full of truth. Nothing helps kids learn to read more than a love for stories. It is a joy to see them eagerly turning pages to find out what happens next."

Kalen Brockwalder
Logos School Principal

"Before reading the Chickadee readers our biggest challenge was finding books that looked interesting at his level. It was also hard to find readers that reinforced phonics principles. My son got story grip and really loved having a new book to look forward to. The Chickadee readers were far more interesting and funny than other early readers."

Laura L.
former 1st grade teacher

Created by two long-time teachers who wanted a better way to teach reading

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